My story

Where it all began

What if I told you there exists a world where souls use telepathy to communicate?
A plane where everyone has universal love and respect for one-another and their surroundings.. As a little girl, that is what I remembered it to be - the planet I thought to come from. As a grown woman, that is what I know as the magical energy of the universe - Source Energy. That is what I guide people (myself included) back to.

My story began long ago and continues to go on for a few more lifetimes.
A (little) girl with many ideas and dreams, too many to count on all my fingers and toes combined. Something that most of those dreams and aspirations seemed to have in common was the undying hunger for story telling. Some used to think I would become a writer someday.. with my imagination running wild. They weren’t wrong, I’m definitely a storyteller but it isn’t my imagination leading me there, it’s the stories of human beings, it’s the story of my own self, it’s the story of the universe. It’s the stories of the ‘real, real, very real’ world.

I had made it my mission to understand the ways of this earthly world. To understand HUMANhood. And by observing the ways of people, I learned. And by asking questions, I gained perspective. But an even deeper rooted mission seemed to be, to understand myself. It made me search for answers, for solutions and ways to live life as harmless, joyous and “fast” as possible, fast in a way of self-growth. It made me look for ways to untangle the difficulties in life. I hadn’t chosen the easy path. I had chosen a life to learn.. to grow. So I did. I moved through and beyond hurdles and struggles, moving through old patterns. Just like everybody else. And I faced my fears head on. I found my way back to “spirituality” - educating myself , helping just those around me. Until I couldn’t do anything but meditate and I felt the most strong calling to pursue offering guidance to others. Becoming a guide actually wasn’t one of the many dream careers I had imagined, yet it was the most clear epiphany and I’ve never felt more ready for anything else in my life. I used to feel as if I was living in two worlds, the inside (self) and the outside (society) world. One leg in one and one in the other. It felt tiring and I used to dream of a moment in life when those two worlds could come together and become one. Now I can say that those two worlds have indeed found their way to each other - living from authentic self. I've found my way to fully emerge my authentic self into earthly living - full synchronicities! I’m here to help you, guiding yourself back to source, to authentic self. My approach is “realistic”, intuitive and magical (as we all are).

My Mom

I would like to say that everything I know, I know because of her. Which has a certain truth to it. Although I've done my work, in this lifetime and many past “life-times”, it was my mom who gave me the freedom and safety to explore, to find trust within or trust in the universe. It was she who showed me the ways of authentic living, of being, of believing in your own power and the importance of following your dreams. Her guidance (or - in some ways - lack thereof) all came from the same source: Trust, neverending trust, in yourself, in the universe or a higher spirit. And I believe that that higher spirit is inside of you. Inside all of us. The higher spirit is our collective transcendence.



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