Guiding you on your journey back to authentic self, your core being.

This is an invitation,

An invitation to find your true self. To live your life from authentic self, your core being - is living a life with a certain ease, a certain joy coming from gratitude. A natural flow. It’s the life your soul intended for you to live, your life in the purest form.

Within you lies a well of light, wisdom, strength, softness and love.
Within you awaits the very guidance you seek, the very answers to the unique questions you hold.

We’ll look beyond the symptoms and conditioning and look toward the true causes of illness, pain, depression, or other challenges

Let me offer you the key (with the right questions and tools) to unlock lifetimes of wisdom that live within you.

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The true self, once discovered, is the source of creativity, intelligence and personal growth. No external solution has such power.

- Deepak Chopra -


I found Naomi to be a very capable listener who guided me through parts of my work life that needed adjustments. Her ability to gently have me see previously blocked solutions were a real difference maker. I recommend her if something seems blocked...she’ll listen and help guide you to clearing what’s there…

- Miguel O. Investment Manager & Entrepreneur

I am living a dynamic life and need coaching to keep in balance. Over the years I tried several different coaches till the moment I ran into Naomi. She is a natural born coach. So if you are looking to find yourself again, or need relief from stressful or emotional situations I can 100% recommend to take a session with Naomi.

- Arnoud G. Partner at Accountancy firm

I’ve gone through a few years of personal milestones, emotional turbulence and many moments of self-questioning - the guidance Naomi has provided me is perspective that in turn, has led me towards a more peaceful place. You can count on her to be real and trust that the advice and support you will gain is grounded in reality.

- Fiona L. Artist & Entrepreneur

“Naomi has helped me numerous times to understand myself better. She has a kind-hearted, gentle soul but when it comes to her advice she is direct and accurate. She always knows to hit the exact spot and creates space to ask yourself the right questions. Not only mentally but also physically. I always feel enlightened and calm after a yoga or meditation session with Naomi. If you’re looking for an unique and clarifying experience I can highly recommend scheduling in an appointment with Naomi.”

- Jade v.E -

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